Sound Engineer For Electronic Media And Film Production

Modes of study / Info Pack

  • regular - 2 semesters - Info Pack
  • regular - 4 semesters


The accreditation of this program is until 2020 .


The education is performed by Faculty of Arts.


Students with obtained Bachelor's/Master's degree in the specialties of "Electronic technologies in music", "Art of performance (folklore instruments or folklore singing)" and "Art of performance (pop and jazz singing)" in the professional field of 8.3. Musical and Dance Art, or in the specialty of "Pedagogy of Musical Art" in the professional field of 1.3. Pedagogy of teaching …, can be admitted to the Master's degree programme of "Sound engineer for electronic media and film production" in the professional field of 8.3. Musical and Dance Art.

Organisation of Training

The curriculum covers a total number of 495 classes with awarded total of 60 ECTS credits, distributed equally for the two semester in compliance with the state requirements.

The master's degree programme covers compulsory, elective and facultative subjects.

Educational Goals of the Master's Degree Programme

The training course in the master's degree programme of "Sound director of electronic media and film production" aims at preparing specialists with educational and qualification parameters to enable them in the pursuit of a complete career in sound-recording studios for CD and DVD production, for sound tracking and sound-processing for electronic media - radio and television, for the production of documentary, cartoon, short and feature film movies, for musical shows, for musical editing and setting, for handling the sound matter at musical performances.

Qualification and Career Development

The successful graduates of the master's degree programme of "Sound engineer for electronic media and film production" are trained to perform specialised occupational activities in the field of sound processing and design.

The graduates in this master's programme shall be able to perform research, research-applying and artistic-creative activities (as per requirements of the Regulation on the state requirements to acquiring higher education of Bachelor's, Master's and Specialist's academic and qualification degrees - article 9 paragraph 2)  and to pursue careers as experts or consultants, as follows:

  • Sound engineer in radio shows;
  • Sound engineer in television shows;
  • Sound engineer in sound-tracking feature films, documentary, cartoon and short movies;
  • Music designer for commercials sound-tracking;
  • Sound engineer in sound recording studios, for the production of CD and DVD;
  • Sound engineer for sound-tracking in theatre shows, concerts, ensembles, etc.;
  • Teacher at higher schools in subjects in the field of sound processing;


Based on the national classification of jobs and occupations in the Republic of Bulgaria (year 2011) the jobs that can be occupied by the Master Sound Engineers are, as follows:

  • Group 5005- Audio engineer;
  • Group 5006 - Sound designer;
  • Group 3009 - Sound-producer, sound-mixer
  • Group 3010 - Audio technician
  • Group 3014 - Operator, sound equipment
  • Group 3035 - Sound-operator
  • Group 3038 - First assistant sound engineer
  • Group 3039 - Specialist, sound effects

The master graduates in "Sound engineer for electronic media and film production" shall be entitled to:

  • Specialising in various forms of post-graduate qualification and continued training;
  • Continuing their education in the Doctor's academic and qualification degree.