Student training experimental theater /STET/  is a creative laboratory of SWU "Neophyte Rilski".

More than thirty years /STET opens its doors on 20 March 1981 under the guidance of Prof. Pencho Penchev and Assoc. Prof. PhD Zlatko Pavlov/ the playbill of the theater has formed through the directorial handwriting of Prof. Encho Halatchev, Prof. Nadezhda Seykova, Prof. Wenceslav Kisiov, Prof. Dimitrina Giurova, Prof. Chavdar Krastev, Assoc. Prof. PhD Zlatko Pavlov, Assoc. Prof Ognian Spirov and in the recent years by Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Lambrev-Mihaylovsky and Assoc. Prof. Nedyalko Delchev.

During their studies, students will have the opportunity to face various/common and professional/ Bulgarian and worldwide audience. The alumni of STET are regular participants and prizewinners in many republican and European theatric forums/ Russia, Germany, Belgium, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Macedonia/

Acting prepares graduates for work in the modern world of theater and implementation in areas requiring theatrical education. Students will find a broad realization as actors in theater, film, television, dubbing and bandstand. Carrying out lectures of acting in the public and private schools, conducting research in the field of art and culture.

The goal of the education is to learn the basic principles of the art of acting, to discover and develop creative individuality. During the study the students need to build skills and habits, to master the psychology of the creative act, to become acquainted with the basic schools and methods in performing arts, to learn to work as a team.

Student training experimental theater has formed long ago as an integral part of the spiritual environment of Blagoevgrad and presents our student city like specific theater center.

Contact: +359 884 237 267
Student learning experimental theater
University Building 3, South-West University "Neofit Rilski"
"King Marko" str, № 2
Blagoevgrad, 2700

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