The Faculty of Pedagogy was founded in 1983. Its history is inseparable from the South-West University's history. Today it offers a number of degree programmes on Bachelor and Master levels, and PhD courses for those planning to carry out scientific and research work. All the curricula reflects the modern trends in the Education Sciences and practices.

The Faculty of Education possesses a strong research culture. The academic staff are involved in a range of research and development projects which findings contribute directly to their teaching. The department benefits from the work of highly qualified professors of Education all of whom are specialists in a particular field of educational research and who regularly give papers at national and international conferences. For the last several years they have published a great number of articles, monographs, text-books and manuals.

An extensive and diversified programme of research activities within the different disciplines of pedagogic, special pedagogic, sports science, general didactics and subject didactics is carried out. Examples of research areas are: different subject didactics research projects, pre-school, primary school, special pedagogy, sports pedagogy, pedagogical psychology, educational sociology, environmental pedagogy, school development, language development, etc. A considerable number of students are engaged in the research activities of the Faculty.

Various specialists, courses and programmes within the faculty area operate to a great extent in collaboration with primary and secondary schools both regionally and nationally. This involves extensive activities with course provision, evaluation and development assignments as well as different kinds of guidance. Annual conferences are organized.

The Faculty has recently developed a regular programme of short courses aimed at the perceived needs and interests of the local educational community and especially to school managers.

The Faculty of Education also contributes to the teacher-training programmes with other faculties.

It is on the basis of innovative research projects that the Faculty consistently attracts substantial national funding for research in a wide range of fields. Strategic alliances with other leading universities and prestigious research organisations attract academic scholars of international distinction and ensure that the Faculty of Pedagogy remains a very good place for students to excel in their chosen field.

Last modified: 2019-01-10