The Faculty of Philology was founded in 1991 as an independent subdivision of the South-West University and there was considerable expansion of the faculty's activities since then. Today, it offers all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The Faculty's objectives are to produce students with good communication skills and knowledge in the various literature, linguistic and culture disciplines through high quality teaching and research, to advance the knowledge and understanding of the languages and cultures of different countries of the world and to encourage professional development of staff through research and best practices. The researchers' work is committed to the empirical, historical, and theoretical study of linguistic structure within a broad linguistic, cultural, and cognitive context.

The degree courses provided by the Faculty have been designed to allow students a considerable degree of freedom with regard to their choice of subject matter from plenty of material available. Teaching is based on research. A research-based curriculum demands a critical approach to the material, to the methodologies and theories employed, and to the interaction between the these elements.

The academic staff of the Faculty of Philology come from a wide variety of research backgrounds. These faculty members bring to the department a broad range of knowledge and a variety of viewpoints that enhance the experience of students in the graduate and undergraduate programs. The teaching staff of the faculty has published a great number of monographs, text-books and manuals. The teachers take an active part in the realization of various programmes and projects with other universities on the Balkans and scientific centers around the world. The Faculty is famous for its scientific round-tables and seminars. Research activities are directed to the exploration of different linguistic phenomena, works of literature and to increase knowledge of issues of cross-cultural communication.

The Faculty possesses a rich multi-lingual library. Well-equipped classrooms and language labs are also available. Multi-media products are used in the foreign language education.

Last modified: 2018-01-30