The Faculty of Philosophy was founded in 1995 as a structure of the South-West University "Neofit Rilsky". In 1999 the former Medico-Pedagogical Faculty of the University joined up the Faculty of Philosophy. Today it offers Bachelor, Master and PhD degree programs. The diversity of the degree programs reflects the general aim to attract the best students and to inspire original and innovative research across a wide range of disciplines. Qualification as a Secondary School Teacher is available as a complementary study program in Philosophy.

One of the fundamental goals of the Faculty is to develop students` competence in the acquiring of complex arguments, the analysis of practical issues, logical thought, comparative analytical techniques, scientific research skills, and effective communication, using a range of teaching methods. The students approach the object of their study via theoretical and analytical methodologies. Another goal of entire training process is to ensure that graduates learn to associate the knowledge of the subject matter with an ability to understand, explain and evaluate old and new theories, expectations and concepts.
Academic life at the Faculty is built upon the principle of unity between teaching and research. It necessarily engenders a special commitment to encouraging upcoming generations of scholars. The academic staff of the Faculty continue to broaden the horizons of knowledge, skills and research by building relationships which link diverse local, national and international communities of scholars. Much of the external funding attracted by the Faculty is devoted to support this aim. Students are involved in most of the projects. Distinguished foreign scholars are teaching and doing research on regular basis in different scientific areas at the Faculty. Thus, the Faculty remains at the forefront of teaching and research in the humanities and social sciences.

The courses at the Faculty are taught in close connection with developments in other academic courses, both in sciences and in arts. Most of the professors also conduct lectures and seminars to students from other faculties of the University, and other Bulgarian and European universities. Thus studies stress on the theoretical systems themselves, but also to the scientific, literary or political context.

The Faculty has excellent LLP Erasmus relations with many partners from EU countries - Germany, Austria, Spain, etc. The Faculty also organizes many national and international scientific conferences, workshops, round tables, etc.

The Faculty of Philosophy is one of the leading faculties at the University in the running international projects as FP-7, Erasmus LLP, etc. Most of the staff members participate in many international projects and initiatives funded by the European Commission, the World Bank, foundations and many other donor organizations.

The Faculty of Philosophy performs the education in these majors:

Bachelor Programmes:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science

Masters Programmes:

  • Psychology of Management
  • Forensic psychology
  • School Psychology
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Psychoanalysis
  • Social and Cultural Policies in the European Union
  • Sociology and Anthropology of Religion
  • Sociological Studies and Political Marketing
  • Social Management and Public Communications
  • Civic Education
  • Practical Philosophy

Doctoral Programmes:

  • Psychology of Work and Professional Diagnostics
  • Psychology of Aging and Pedagogical Psychology
  • Sociology
  • History of Philosophy
  • Contemporary Philosophical Theories
  • Social Philosophy
  • Political Sciencе
Last modified: 2018-02-28