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Faculty "Public health and sport" was created by Decision of the Council of Ministers on 21.05.2009 on the basis of article 30 paragraph 1 point 3 of the Law on Higher Education.

Converted Faculty "Public health, health care and sport" with decision of the 43-rd National Assembly on July 8, 2015 on the basis of article 9, paragraph 2 point. 1 of the Higher Education Act with the following structure:

  • Department "Health care"
  • Department of "Kinesitherapy"
  • Department "Logopedics"
  • Department "Medical and Social Sciences"
  • Department "Sport"

The Faculty conducts training courses in the following accredited professional direction:

Professional direction 7.6. Sport

Degree "Bachelor"

  • Specialty "Sport"

"Master" Degree

  • Adapted sports activities and physical activity

Professional direction 7.5. Health care

Degree "Bachelor"

  • Specialty "Midwife"
  • Specialty "Nurse"

Professional direction 7.4. Public Health

Degree "Bachelor"

  • Specialty "Kinesitherapy"
  • Specialty "Logopedics/Speech and language therapy/"

"Master" Degree


  • Sports kinesiology
  • Speech Management in voice and fluency violations
  • Hearing and Speech therapy after cochlear implantation
  • Clinical logopedics
  • Logopedics - for non-specialists

Educational and scientific degree "Doctor"

  • Doctoral program "Logopedics"
  • Doctoral program "Kinesitherapy"

Professional direction 3.4. Social activities

Degree "Bachelor"

  • Specialty "Social Activities"

"Master" Degree

  • Social activities
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Social mediation
  • Social support
  • Social work in socialy significant diseases
  • Social activities - for non-specialists
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation - for non-specialists
  • Social mediation - for non-specialists
  • Social support - for non-specialists
  • Social work in socially significant diseases - for non-specialists
  • Social activities acquired degree "professional bachelor"

Educational and scientific degree "Doctor"

  • Doctoral Program "Organization and Management of Social Activities"

Professional direction 1.3. Pedagogy of ...

"Master "Degree

  • Physical education and sports for children and students with exceptional skills
  • Sports animation
  • Physical education and sport for children and students with exceptional skill - for non- specialists
  • Sports animation - for non- specialists

With the establishment of the Faculty " Public healt, health care and sports " place a modern idea to train students and conduct research in areas of critical importance for modern society.

Last modified: 2018-02-14