The Career Development Centre successfully achieved its goal to make the professional interaction with employers more dynamic and to develop students' career development management strategies. In a nutshell, it managed to provide a contact between businesses and young specialists. The Open Door Days, the organized discussions on issues such as the current labour market conditions, the building of working habits etc. are highly popular among the students and very incentive. Thus the Centre actually turns into a stable mediator between business and practical training.

The University Career Center plays an important role in the professional development and realization of students. It provides contacts for students with different organizations, institutions, employers and managers. It also makes inquiries and surveys with students and leading business organizations on the problems of the theoretical and practical competencies that students have to acquire during their study to become good professionals in the field they have chosen. This information is taken into consideration in the process of curricula design and improvement.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of students have been using the services of the Career Center when they look for their first job or for some opportunities for students'

brigades or internships abroad. Thus, for example, 1 500 students were registered until September 2011. The website of the center provides further information for a large number of firms, job offers and practical training programmes.

Last modified: 2018-02-12