The sport base of the SWU "Neofit Rilski" ensures educational and sport classes and rehabilitation procedures in the following trends:

  • Medical-practical education of the student from specialties "Pedagogy of the teaching in physical education" and "Кinesitherapy".
  • General physical preparation and classes in elective sport for students from other specialties.
  • Sport training and competition activity of the representative teams of the sport club of the SWU "Neofit Rilski".

1. Outdoor sport base

  • Athletic tracks - 130 m
  • 2 long jump pits
  • 1 basket ball playground with 5 training baskets
  • 1 handball playground
  • 3 volleyball playgrounds
  • 6 tennis court fields
  • 1 playground for general physical preparation with gymnastic sector
  • Football field including 250 m athletic field and 4 sectors for throwing disc and hammer.

The outdoor sport base is equipped dressing rooms for students and lecturers, with service rooms and bathrooms. Around the listed playgrounds is built covered cable network and mounted metal columns for the needs of eventual lighting and classes at night.  Water supply and sewage systems are built under the earth for the different playgrounds. All these outdoor sport fields are with high metal fences with metal plates and wires. This creates excellent conditions for training of the sports men, at the same time there are conditions for full security and easy maintenance.

2. Indoor base

  • 4 halls with dimensions 17х7 m with total area 476 m2 that will be used for tutorials and training in art gymnastics, aerobic, tennis on table, body building and fitness, wrestling and judo. They are equipped with dressing rooms, baths and service rooms.
  • 2 newly opened sport halls for fitness and tennis on table with total area 400 m2
  • Two halls with dimensions 30x12 m and 15x12 with total area 540 m2, equipped with tartan track for running, high jump playground, gymnastic wall, devices for general physical preparation. They are used for tutorials and training in track and field events, moving games and body building.
Last modified: 2018-02-12