The Faculty of Economics is one of the first accredited economic faculties in Bulgaria. Excellently addressed towards practice and the needs of contemporary business, the specialties taught at the faculty are among the most desired ones for students.

The graduates from the Faculty of Economics find successful realization in the bank sphere, in accounting and insurance companies as well as other bank and financial institutions. The good economic preparation of undergraduates contributes to their successful realization in public administration, and more precisely in tax and customs institutions, the Court of Auditors, regional and municipal administration, etc. Students specialized in the sphere of Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Business Marketing have the opportunity to work as business entrepreneurs, managers of companies and organizations, heads of departments and teams, business marketing speacialists and organizers, and business advertisement specialists. All undergradutes acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competences for a successful start and management of business and entrepreneurship, taking of innovative and creative decisions in business, forming of business plans and strategies, realization of marketing campaigns and market analysis, organization and realization of advertising campaigns.

The students in the sphere of tourism have the opportunity to find jobs as specialists in tour operator, tourist (agent and hotel) as well as restaurant companies. Aimed at their developing of the necessary practical knowledge and skills, they are given the chance to work in their own hotels and restaurants. 

The Faculty of Economics is active in international project activities in the European scientific educational programs Horizont 2020, Erasmus+ and INTERREG. With the help of the academic staff of the Faculty of Economics and under its direct management, numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Vietnam have been established. The Faculty collaborates with a number of universities in Greece, Portugal, Italy, France, Austria and Slovakia and has signed not only Erasmus+ student mobility agreements, but  also implemented projects to create completely new job opportunities for professional education and training, building a capacity in higher education and establishing joint research work and publication activity. The lecturers at the Faculty of Economics have publications in prestigious international scientific conferences, as well as ones referred in the databases Scopus and Web of Science. They also work as consultants, experts and assessors in a number of public and international organizations.